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getenv() & Livewire Caching

Today, Caleb and D Coul talk about an odd situation involving Laravel's new strategy for handling Laravel's environment variables. They also go into a hawt new feature for Livewire: backend caching.

Laravel 6, Space, And A Cool Eloquent Trick

This episode, we talk Laravel 6, deploying to the ISS, and a sweet Eloquent tactic max has been using recently to refactor legacy code.

Ask Us Anything #1

This episode we answer ~30 questions from listeners. We cover lots of ground - gear up!

We Brainstorm Insanely Cool Livewire Things

This episode, we talk about building Livewire Fiddle, some cool new features in Livewire and we brainstorm a ridiculously cool potential addition to Livewire that will most certainly blow your mind as it has ours.

The Power Of Pair Programming

This week we talk about some not as obvious benefits of pair programming. And of course a bunch of other stuff.

Launching Livewire At Laracon

This week, we talk about the fun we had at Laracon. We do lots of other fun meanderings, talk about working on things casually, and the good ole' days!

Listen To This On The Flight To Laracon

This week Daniel and Caleb talk about gearing up for Laracon, twitter stuff, debugging code, and probably a bunch of other good stuff. It's the perfect Laracon flight companion.

Laravel Testing Problems (And Solutions!)

This week we talk about some things we find annoying when writing tests in Laravel and brainstorm some cool solutions!

What's On Your Desk?

Today, Daniel and Caleb ask each other the question on everybody's mind: What's on your desk?

Is Laravel Even Secure?

D Coul & Caleb talk about submitting forms with JavaScript, and how the heck security works in Laravel. It's just a couple a goobers havin' a good ole' time.

Making Web Apps That Everyone Can Use

We talk about web accessibility, why it's hard to care about it, what we can do to improve our practices a little bit, and a bunch of other random fun stuff as always. Enjoy.

Calling Ourselves "Engineers"

This week we talk about the beauty of Twitter, whether or not it's ok to call ourselves "Engineers" and an interesting problem relating to Toilet design.

The One Where We Don't Talk About Code

The first episode ever that we don't talk about code or programming at all. That doesn't mean the episode isn't chocked full of general geekery though. We talk electronics, soldering, spray-painting, blue's guitar playing. It's a good time.

Your Feature Branches Are Too Long And We Can Prove It!

This week, we talk about the similarities between dirty socks and merge conflicts, and end up with a tangible tool to prove that long-standing feature branches are bad news. It's a reaaaalllly good time.

How To Write A Viral Tweet

Caleb wrote a tweet that went kinda-sorta-viral. Daniel & Caleb talk about it. That's all you need to know.

The Developer Condition

This week we talk about the dynamics that seem common amongst all developer-project relationships, and how it can feel like an almost impossible task to manage them well.

On Leaving Jobs and Being Employed

This week we talk about Caleb's experience leaving his day job and more generally, interesting ways to view employment in general. Of course, this conversation turns into hard code talk about JavaScript DOM nodes, Eager Loading data, and String.replace.

Explaining React Hooks to a Vue Developer

Daniel teaches Caleb about React "hooks", and their use cases. Caleb only knows Vue.

Open Source Drama

We start with a discussion about a recent argument amongst Laravel contributors, and it unfolds into a broader discussion about open source engagement: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

User Testing, React Native, and The Laravel Game Show

Caleb is struck by the power of user-testing projects, Daniel talks about his new work in React Native, and both of us test our skills on a new game we just made up.

David Hemphill, Convince Us To WIP

David Hemphill joins us to talk about something controversial he's been trolling the Laravel community with recently. Daniel and I explore the concept with him to discover if he has struck gold, or if he's simply out of his mind.

From "Getting Things Done" to Eastern Philosophy

This episode is special. We start with some concrete talk on popular productivity tools and methods and end up in the abstract world of Eastern Philosophy. It's unlike any episode we've done so far. If you like "going deep", this episode's for you.

What Apps Do You Use?

Today we ask each other a simple question: "What apps do you use?". We cover mail clients, screenshot tools, terminals, image editors, list apps, and note-taking apps, to name a few. Along the way, we also explore our shared history as Photoshop cool-kids.

Does PHP Suck?

Today we ask the big question on every PHP developer's mind. We weigh out the pros and cons of the language, things we like and dislike, and ultimately, what keeps us coming back.

Daniel Coulbourne & Caleb Porzio