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The Alpine Day Aftershow

Alpine day has finished. We are exhausted.

JavaScript Framework Guts

In this ep. Deek and Caleb go deep on framework implications in Vue, React, Svelte, Alpine yayada. We also talk about all the things Caleb so selfishly needs to communicate to Daniel about what he's been up to. It's just a hoot if I ever had one.

Recursive Livewire

Alpine V3 Internals

The YouTube live story arc continues. Daniel is getting a new bed. Alpine is getting a new mutation observer.

Tailwind JIT | Alpine Day | Basecamp

The Japan Episode

Caleb takes the opportunity to finally ask all the questions he's ever wanted to know about Daniel's mysterious childhood in Japan.

Capitalism, A Love Story

Fishing, DIY Canoe Rental, Bill Gates, Stealing Labor

Daniel is Going Freelance!

Daniel is going freelance. Caleb is speaking at Laracon Online. Daniel got a new dog (a good good boy). Open Source is not first-come-first-serve?


- Daniel has a brand new package idea. - Caleb is an admiral. - Caleb has a business plan. - Alpine day is a conference. - What do you get the man who has everything?

Alpine Day

The Reindeer are a bunch of hatin' ass clout-chasers. Alpine day is coming with lots of huge speakers. Building an RV can cause you to take drastic action. Brock will always bail you out, but at what cost.

I'm a sailor. I sail.

Caleb is considering adding a new unfinished project to the stack. Daniel is experimenting with PHPStorm.

GameStop Yo

GameStop, games, stops, livewire, ya know....

Hello YouTube (Meteoroid)

The title says it all.

Hotwire, Websockets, And Extent Card Games

Caleb, where'd you go man? You're wandering in your mind palace.

Refactoring Everything

This week we talk about refactoring everything... and hip hop

Why Virtual Dom? (No Good?)

But seriously why?

Our Thanksgiving Special

Daniel and Caleb talk about aloooootttta things here folks. Tune in.

#[PHP 8 Attributes]

Let's talk fishing folks.


Let's talk about hacking.


Let's build Turbolinks for Livewire

The Theoretical Agency

This ones a good one. You should listen to the whole thing. We come up with something.

Small Moral Wrongs

And also bootcamps and Blade components

What Even Is Event Sourcing Daniel?

Curious about event sourcing? What it is? Pros, cons, tradeoffs? This is your episode.

Daniel Is Adding Things To Livewire 2 At The Last Minute

The title says it all

"The Modern Web"

What does that even mean?

Launch Day

It's launch day folks

Tank, Healer, DPS

Caleb rides bikes. Soulja Boy plays Runescape. Daniel Invents a new metaphor for work teams. Caleb is back into Dusk.

♥️ JS Nation Live ♥️

Caleb has been invited to speak at the most prestigious web conference in the world. He's also up for a major award.

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This episode is about everything. All of it. All at once. In all the right ways.

Daniel Coulbourne & Caleb Porzio