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We live. We die. We live again

It has been too long. Caleb's empire is taking new shape. Daniel sold out the mint and is in the beginning stages of HIS empire. Oculus quest AdonisJS BotHead Alpine by Livewire We are gonna need some outhouses.

The 90

We talk about the Dwight D. Eisenhower Interstate system. Florida is full of people from New Jersey. Input masking and React Plugins are both hard nuts to crack. Caleb is home. It's grind time.

The Final Boss of Developer Aesthetic

We do a very good 40 minute Youtube recommendations segment. Devaslife: https://www.youtube.com/c/devaslife Princes of the Yen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5Ac7ap_MAY Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xguam0TKMw8

Back and Better than Ever

Daniel is a modern fullstack serverless buzzword bingo javascript developer. Caleb is doing yoga on the lanai. This episode brought to you by Tensorflow.

Aruba Jamaica Oooh I Wanna Take Ya

It's a quick one because Caleb simply has to go. We talk about an Alpine pattern, seafood, and a brief outro on NFTs

Sharks and snow

Island Caleb is catching things. Daniel is snowed in.

Aeropress and ADHD

We talk about coffee mechanisms, some alpine news, and a big segment on ADHD. Also Daniel is very bullish on those Dapper Ducks.

Max is not well-liked at school

Max is a misunderstood good boy. Where is Daniel's passport? React. Dom. Collections just feel heavy....

Home Automation

We talk about home automation and Caleb starts to pitch us on his Pot Heads NFT when disaster strikes.

Caleb Keeps Buying Things (House, Fridge, M1)

We're back. Everyone was awake at the agreed upon time. We talk about Caleb's house, The fridge. The facebook guys with trucks, the Macbooks and some Livewire and Alpine jazz

This is Your Brain on Transducers

We talk about drugs, and the great and good drug called transducers.

NFTs Are a Scam and We are Doing One

Brock is here. NFTs are a total scam. We are making an NFT. We briefly touch on the super complicated topic of transducers.

Four Hard Tech Topics

Daniel has no life, only programming. This leads to an episode with zero talk of knots.

What's Coming To Livewire (etc.)

Melvor Idle. If you aren't playing, start playing. You can script it. We talk about Daniel's on-the-ground Livewire work, Caleb pitches all the new features. The camping arc is complete.

Lil Livewire Job

Lil Dicky is great. Daniel's got a new Livewire gig with lots of fun problems to dive into. You know?

Embrace the Grind

Caleb is streamlining his setup. All mini-wheats before noon. Daniel beat Dragon Slayer 2. What is the point of Minecraft? Whose trip is it? Can I bring my gat? Checksum invalid what does this even mean?

Kohl's Cash

They pay you to shop there

Github Copilot

The fellas dive deep into the technical social and political implications of Github Copilot.

Captain Tying Knots

The bowline knot is useful for tying a fixed loop in the end of a line. Why would you ever need that? Tune in to find out. Also Caleb killed issues, Daniel is excited about Medusa, Livewire is going to be on the first page next week. Drinking out of Cups: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zm5o_r4Lyc0

The Alpine Day Aftershow

Alpine day has finished. We are exhausted.

JavaScript Framework Guts

In this ep. Deek and Caleb go deep on framework implications in Vue, React, Svelte, Alpine yayada. We also talk about all the things Caleb so selfishly needs to communicate to Daniel about what he's been up to. It's just a hoot if I ever had one.

Alpine V3 Internals

The YouTube live story arc continues. Daniel is getting a new bed. Alpine is getting a new mutation observer.

The Japan Episode

Caleb takes the opportunity to finally ask all the questions he's ever wanted to know about Daniel's mysterious childhood in Japan.

Capitalism, A Love Story

Fishing, DIY Canoe Rental, Bill Gates, Stealing Labor

Daniel is Going Freelance!

Daniel is going freelance. Caleb is speaking at Laracon Online. Daniel got a new dog (a good good boy). Open Source is not first-come-first-serve?

Daniel Coulbourne & Caleb Porzio