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The Theoretical Agency

This ones a good one. You should listen to the whole thing. We come up with something.

Small Moral Wrongs

And also bootcamps and Blade components

What Even Is Event Sourcing Daniel?

Curious about event sourcing? What it is? Pros, cons, tradeoffs? This is your episode.

Daniel Is Adding Things To Livewire 2 At The Last Minute

The title says it all

"The Modern Web"

What does that even mean?

Launch Day

It's launch day folks

Tank, Healer, DPS

Caleb rides bikes. Soulja Boy plays Runescape. Daniel Invents a new metaphor for work teams. Caleb is back into Dusk.

♥️ JS Nation Live ♥️

Caleb has been invited to speak at the most prestigious web conference in the world. He's also up for a major award.

HoneyBadger.io is matching donations to Community Bail Funds

DONATE HERE: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/nptm Hey folks. We are the hosts of No Plans To Merge, a programming podcast. A sponsor of ours, Honeybadger.io, has agreed to match up to $2,000 worth of contributions to these bail fund charities. We are also personally matching up to $500 in contributions, meaning that if we can raise $2,500 dollars here, that will have $5,000 worth of impact to these organizations. We support the demonstrators who have been and continue to be protesting against police brutality in memory of George Floyd. Unfortunately police are continuing to abuse, harrass, and arrest protesters. We want to do what we can as a community to support their efforts and we believe that bail funds are a vital piece of that effort as they allow protesters to protest without having to make a financial decision about whether they can afford to be bailed out should they be arrested in the process. This form will split your donation between a series of local, regional and national bail funds.


This episode is about everything. All of it. All at once. In all the right ways.

Caleb's Beach Days

In this episode we discuss Caleb's Beach Days, DocBlocks, and a new Design Fidelity System for reviewing collaborative designs.

Improvisational Knot Tying

In this episode Daniel and Caleb discuss the wonderful science of Knot tying, some Alpine components, and so much more.

Hang a Lantern On It

We're back with another short one. Keeping you wanting more! You may need to take notes this week.

The Elements Of Style

Daniel and Caleb discuss Rogue Amoeba apps, the game of Go, and the Elements of Style

The Secret Alpine Rewrite

Daniel digs in on some crazy, wacky babel-in-blade stuff. Caleb insists that we invented it. Caleb is secretly rewriting Alpine.js. Please don't tell anyone. It's a secret. Boys are back. We have a new recording time. It's all coming up Milhouse.

Catching Up

It's been a while! Lots has happened. Coronavirus is happening. Daniel started a new Job. Many conferences have been cancelled. Sorry about the long interval. We're going to try to get back on a more regular schedule, but as you surely know, the world is crazy right now.

Mostly Laughing

For some reason we can't keep it together this week. This episode was fully edited with Click!

Daniel Quit Tighten

It's all in the title today. Daniel is on to the next thing. It's right on the tin.

Funding Opensource Software AKA Sponsorware™

On this episode we try to figure out how Caleb can avoid getting a real job. Sponsorware?? Spoiler alert: It's sponsorware.

The Ultimate Podcast Workflow [RE-UPLOAD]

We dedicate this entire episode to fixing the very bad workflow od recording and editing podcasts. We are going to build a thing and we need your help. EDIT: Irony of ironies, this podcast about how bad making podcasts is was totally corrupted. I've fixed the export and this is a re-upload

Let's Become SEO Affiliate Marketers

In this episode Daniel and Caleb lay aside their ascetic ponchos in favor of the glitz and glamour of affiliate marketing and SEO. This week, folks, we're in the money.

Ugh, Webpack... Let's Talk Builds

Can we just be real about dealing with Webpack? Also, lots of other goods in this ep!

The Market Is Everything feat. Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson, founder of Transistor.fm and host of the Build Your SaaS podcast joins us to talk about all kinds of stuff from finding a market for Livewire to the cause of avalanches. This is one of the good ones.

Visual Debt

This week we talk nothing but visual debt. Exclusively. For the entire time.

Project-X And An Obscure JavaScript Statement You've Never Heard Of

This week the fellas talk about a new JS framework Caleb is building called Project-X and all the fun obscure JavaScript features he's uncovered along the way. Good times here.

Religious Programming

This episode, Daniel and Caleb talk about Europe traveling, troubling tweets, and objective truths of the universe.

"Steeped" in Laravel Nova

In this episode, we talk about drinking tea and using Laravel Nova.

Arguing About Writing Less JS

This episode Daniel and Caleb cover the "Write Less JS" fiercely. There's some real head to head stuff in here, but it ends in a resolution as always. Good times.

Fun Testing Technique, Inversion Of Control, And Other...Things

This week, we talk about a new technique Daniel used in his test and how it can be applied to other scenarios. We also talk about open source issues, IoC (and practical implementations), etc...

How Much Money Do We Make?

This week we talk about how much money we've made in the past, and how much money we currently make. Real numbers, no vagueness.

Daniel Coulbourne & Caleb Porzio