No Plans to Merge

No Plans to Merge

Real life code talk between two working developers.

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    What Apps Do You Use?

    Today we ask each other a simple question: "What apps do you use?". We cover mail clients, screenshot tools, terminals, image editors, list apps, and note-taking apps, to name a few. Along the way, we also explore our shared history as Photoshop cool-kids.

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    From "Getting Things Done" to Eastern Philosophy

    This episode is special. We start with some concrete talk on popular productivity tools and methods and end up in the abstract world of Eastern Philosophy. It's unlike any episode we've done so far. If you like "going deep", this episode's for you.

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    Does PHP Suck?

    Today we ask the big question on every PHP developer's mind. We weigh out the pros and cons of the language, things we like and dislike, and ultimately, what keeps us coming back.